Hostparker – Host Your Site Campaign


Connecting with customers is the key to business survival and growth, but many small businesses stay hidden because of misinformation. It is estimated that 70 per cent of small businesses in Nigeria don’t have a website, mainly because owners think they don’t need one or assume it will cost too much. But Hostparker is working assiduously to correct this impression among entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-scale Enterprises by making them understand the advantages of hosting a website for business. At Hostparker, the team constantly develops and hosts bespoke websites for companies. It manages these sites to a point where they gain traction and begin to impact very positively on the businesses. As its brand development and public relations consultant, Plexus Media is simply telling Hostparker’s story while also keeping the brand in the eyes of its publics.

  • We were engaged in February 2018 by the brand after we proposed the ‘SMEs: Host Your Site Campaign’.
  • We created visuals, telling a story about the different ways the young, the middle age, and the old appreciate the Internet and the extent to which they would leverage websites to grow their businesses.
  • We developed news content on the campaign and on other activities and programmes of the brand for top national dailies.
  • We drew a one-year PR campaign blueprint for the company to guide the success of the ‘SME: Host Your Site Campaign’ project.


Effects of the campaign:

  • It made many budding entrepreneurs and existing SMEs come to terms with the fact that developing and hosting a website for business is not just compulsory, but a necessity.
  • Entrepreneurs and SMEs came to the sudden realisation that the mere presence of a website does not necessarily guarantee the growth of any business, but the need to stimulate it in such a manner as to drive traffic and create market surge.